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06-07-2015, 08:25 PM
Gina Gershon - National Pornographic: The Teen Porn Star

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Danny D continues his epic study of human mating habits in his ongoing series, National Pornographic. The same way he's turned his lens on hot Milfs, Danny went out into the wild to seek another elusive creature: the smokin' hot teen porn star. After following her to the porn set where Gina displayed her petite figure and sumptuous curves, Danny had to make see if he had the game to make Gina's pussy wet. Take a peek at how much of his footlong sausage Gina was able to stuff in her mouth, and jerk off the thick veiny shaft with her hands, before opening wide to take him inside her. After getting her pussy beasted, Gina was craving anal sex and sat down on Danny's thick dick until her butthole gaped wide open!

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