Forex account handling and position transfer operations

In the Forex market, the protection of the rights of Forex traders and conducting transactions under reliable market conditions are among the subjects that the Capital Markets Board (CMB) follows meticulously. In this context, it has become a great need of the investor to be able to carry out Forex account transactions successfully to the institutions that can comply with the requirements of the notifications.
In the financial markets, it is important to observe the rights of the Forex investor as much as the performance, transparency, reliability and superior service performance. In particular, it is necessary to maintain their position during the Forex account transportation procedure, not to pay the cost to the investor and to make these transactions reliably fast.
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At the beginning of the most critical decisions faced by the investors who want to move their Forex account and their positions are the company where the Forex customer account and positions will be moved. The fact that such transactions can be carried out without closing the accounts and positions, and these transactions can be done in a short time without any cost make the decision of the investor difficult. So, why is it important to which broker to trade Forex account and transfer the position?